Monday, March 22, 2010

I love my doctor ob that is...not my RE!!

I think my RE is ok, but in the 9 months that I have been a patient of his and who knows how many trips to the office, I have only met him 5 times (two of which have been in the last couple of weeks becuase of the ectopic pregnancy). I don't doubt his knowledge about infertility and I do think that he will help me achieve a pregnancy...BUT I am simply a name on a chart. When we meet with him, he likes to talk...not listen...and if we do ask for something and he agrees to it, I am sometimes then fighting with the nurses to get it becuase he never shared that information with them.

My OB on the other hand, knows how to listen. I originally started seeing Dr. D when we were approaching our one year TTC mark the first time around. My former OB refused to look further into why I had so much abnormal bleeding and I was upset with a few other things. I loved Dr. D from the minute we walked in the door. He listened and he took action. Throughout the next few months of treatment, I felt that he was always doing what was best for me and continued to listen. During my pregnancy, I felt the exact same way and when I developed complications and had to be induced earlier than I would have liked...I knew I was in good hands.

Last summer, when our time came to move on from Dr. D, I was sad. I had really hoped to be able to stay with him, but he and I both knew there was nothing more he could do for me. Fast forward to last week...when we found out on Wednesday that my numbers had started rising again, we wanted to meet with Dr. D not only for a second opinion on treatment but also to discuss the possibility of surgery since he is the one who would have done it. Twenty minutes after I called, we were sitting in his office talking this out with him. He suggested the second dose and since we trust him so much we took his advice.

Saturday afternoon the phone was Dr. D checking on me. He knew I was nervous about the shot and especially the side effects and just wanted to make sure I was OK. I couldn't believe he had called...I am not his responsibility right now and yet he still checked in on me...on the weekend. I didn't get a single call from anyone at the office that is supposed to make sure I'm ok...but Dr. D called.

Like I said, I have no intention of leaving my RE but it is things like this that get me even more anxious to get pregnant and be back in my comfort zone.


  1. Wow! Sounds like you have a fantastic OB. I switched REs after about a year with my old one, for similar reasons, but mostly because he wasn't switching things up or adjusting my regimen based on how I was responding...he just wanted to do the same thing every month for 3 months and then move to the next thing. I can't tell you how glad and amazed I am that I switched to such a wonderful doctor (I call him Dr. Miracles). I am absolutely convinced that we would not have achieved pregnancy with the old RE and thankfully, we're 7 weeks with our current pregnancy.

    It's a relief to know that you'll be in good hands once you become pregnant, but I'm always a proponent of being your own advocate and moving on if you don't feel you're getting the quality of care that you should. I am so sorry for your recent ectopic and wish you all the best.

    Oh, and welcome to ICLW!

  2. Thanks! For now I feel like medically my RE is doing what is best...afterall I got pregnant and it isn't his fault of where it ended up. It's more the emotional side that I'm having a problem with. We will definitely stick around for our FETs. I have 4 frozen embies and I really don't want to mess with transferring them to a different doctor. If I'm stil not pregnant and that point we'll consider our options.