Monday, March 15, 2010

Good News...finally

My beta today had dropped into the 500s!! I know that dropping beta scores are not usually something to be happy about it but in this case, it is. It looks like this chapter in my fertility journey is finally coming to an end. If things continue the way they are going I won't need a second shot OR surgery and we may even get to go on our trip this weekend!!

The methotrexate usually takes 5-7 days to work so they were actually expecting my numbers to increase today. The fact that not only my numbers came down but that they came down so much probably means that my body was already starting to take care of this on its own.

Keeping my fingers crossed for good results on Wednesday so I can get the all clear to take a week off and finally put all of this behind us and move on.

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  1. Yay for beta coming down! I hope you get good results on Wednesday