Saturday, December 18, 2010

16 weeks

16 weeks
How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain: none
Maternity clothes: Pants are all maternity and shirts are about 50/50
Sleep: Getting better but still trying to teach myself to sleep on my side (I'm a stomach sleeper)
Best moment this week: I got our Christmas cards in the mail that we ordered...they are our big announcement!! I will be sending them out Monday after our 16 week appt.
Movement: yup - for a week weeks now...favorite part of my day
Food cravings: I wish i had a craving so that there was something I enjoyed eating but so far haven't found anything I like
Gender: don't know...but my gut is telling me another boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly button: no change
What I miss: not really anything
What I am looking forward to: announcing this pregnancy next week (I am showing enough that people we see on a regular basis know but we haven't made the BIG announcement)
Milestones: We reached the second trimester and are finally able to admit that this is happening!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Will I ever learn??

Well I let it go too far..

Five years ago, when we were TTC the first time around, I made a promise that if I was ever blessed with a pregnancy, I would NOT complain about being pregnant. When I was pregnant with Jr. I took that a little too seriously and unfortunately ended up with pretty severe pre-eclampsia because I neglected to tell my Dr. the symptoms, I was having. I just thought you were supposed to feel that crappy when you were 9 months pregnant and I didn't want to be the pregnant lady who complained.

Well fast forward to now and nausea has become my worst enemy. I am almost 16 weeks and it has actually gotten MUCH worse in the second trimester instead of better. But I didn't complain, I didn't talk about it...I just quietly threw up and went about my day. I didn't want to be one of those "pregnant ladies" who couldn't handle the sickness and went on drugs that could potentially hurt their baby just so they didn't get sick. Well apparently I should have done something sooner becuase I have now earned myself a trip to the hospital to get hooked up to an IV becuase I am so dehydrated. My doctor has started me on Zofran and told me I HAD to take it every 8 hours until I go into the office again on MOnday, even if I don't think I need...they don't really trust me to decide if I "need" it or not.

Once again I have let the issues I have felt while I watched other people pregnant affect the health and well-being of myself and more importantly this baby...will I ever learn my lesson??

Monday, December 6, 2010

once an infertile, always an infertile

ok, I know I'm been off the radar, I've been using my computer time to keep up with your blogs but just haven't updated mine. The pregnancy seems to be going well. I had another OB appointment two weeks ago and heard the heartbeat for the first time. It was in the low 160s and the dr. instantly predicted girl but he did the same thing with my son so I definitely won't be going out to buy pink based on that.

We told our parents around 9-10 weeks. They had already assumed we were pregnant since we hadn't told them the cycle didn't work but they did a good job of respecting our privacy and being patient for the announcement while we processed the news ourselves. Since my ob appointment was a couple of days before Thanksgiving we went ahead and told our families at Thanksgiving the news and will be announcing it to extended families and friends in our Christmas cards.

So I was finally starting to feel like a normal pregnant person. I wasn't scared everytime I went to the bathroom that I was bleeding, I could actually talk about the baby as a definite occurence instead of saying, "if everything works out," and yes, I could let people congratulate me...but then there was Saturday.

Saturday, we had a bunch of people at our house for a family birthday party. I have been so stressed out about this that I haven't been sleeping and the lack of sleep and stress have made my nausea worse. So you can imagine the fabulous mood I was already in, and then my sister announced her pregnancy. I should be happy, I should be thrilled..our babies will only be a couple of weeks apart...maybe even why did I find myself upstairs in my room crying?

Even though I'm pregnant, pregnancy announcements (especially surprise ones that I didn't see coming) are still hard for me. Is this what I will be dealing with the rest of my life? Will I always be jealous of people who get pregnant easily? Will I always walk into a family event or party and play "guess the pregnant lady" so I can be prepared before the announcement actually happens? I'm beginning to think the answer is yes.