Monday, March 8, 2010

Beta #5: The Beta that didn't happen

Originally I was supposed to go in at 7:30 for my beta this morning but after Friday's results and they rescheduled my consult with the doctor they said I could wait and have it done at 3 when I was there for the other appointment since waiting until Tuesday for the results wasn't a big deal at this point.

Before the beta story though, I went off my meds on Friday afternoon and starting having light spotting on Saturday and Sunday. This morning I woke up with heavier bleeding that seemed to have small clots in it and maybe a little tissue.

The wierd thing is that I took a pregnancy test this morning, my first since Friday morning and it was the darkest one I have had yet...the line was even darker than the control line.

So with all the bleeding, I knew this was definitely over (I haven't had any of the pregnancy feelings since Thursday) but was VERY curious about what my beta was. I went in for my test and consult and 4 attempts later, the nurse still hasn't had any luck getting a good vein and gives up! I have to go back tomorrow morning for them to try again. I felt bad for the nurse since she felt so awful! I know I'll have some pretty new bruises to add to the ones I already have. I really wish I didn't have to do this all the way back to 0, I'd love a little break from the needles!!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a number for you...

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