Friday, May 11, 2012

Just checking in

I have no idea if there is anyone out there reading this anymore. I know that it has been over 14 months since my last post. Life here is good!! Not only did I welcome out wonderful little boy but it has been so long we are coming up on his first birthday!!! I try to pop on here every few weeks and check up on the blogs that I follow but a) finding time to post just isn't there and b) I'm not sure what I want to write about. Something I promised myself this time around is that I'm not going to think about another baby for a long time and just enjoy the 2 that I have. I want to give my body a break and just enjoy life. I want to enjoy my baby without worrying when and if the next one will come. Last time I didn't do that, I jumped into trying to get pregnant again and missed part of babyhood. This time I know this won't be a two year struggle. We have 3 embryos left. We have made the decision that using those embryos will complete our IF journey. So we have 1 or 2 transfers depending on how well they thaw. So we can wait...probably until next summer. So for now, I'm just enjoying being a mom to two boys and not focusing on wondering if our family is complete or not. But just wanted to let anyone who might still have me in their reader know that I'm still around and I'm still reading your blogs! I might not comment but have been so excited about your good news and have mourned with you over the bad.