Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A possible Christmas miracle??

So things are happening a little quicker than expected. I went in for my ultrasound and blood work this morning to see if I needed another dose of follistim and I had one follicle at 22 ready to go. I came home, triggered and went off for an acupuncture appointment. Tomorrow morning (Christmas Eve), I go in for the IUI. We can only do one this time since they are closed on Christmas day so we will be having a "fun" Christmas morning. I'm feeling really good about this...I think it might be my Christmas miracle!!

Oh and on a side note, the acupuncture went really well. I didn't freak out and I was very relaxed the next day. It was amazing the different ways of looking at things. The chiropractor game my an exam. He checked the strength of my vertebrae. Each one was really strong except for one. Apparently, that is the vertebrae that carries all the nerves to the reproductive organs. In addition to the acupuncture, I'll get an adjustment each time to help strengthen that vertebrae. I go back in a couple of hours for round 2.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time for the needles

When you saw this title you probably thought I was talking about giving myself shots...but no, I have decided to give accupuncture a try. Despite all the things I have heard about how accupuncture can help fertility, it hasn't been something I have been willing to do until now. So why now?? Well a couple of reasons. First, my anxiety is completely out of control. I feel like some days I'm having trouble functioning. I can't be in large groups without getting panicky. I really realized that this was a problem when I realized how much it was affecting my son. My anxiety is causing him to act out and throw even more two-year-tantrums than normal. I have a friend who is using accupuncture for anxiety while she is trying to conceive and she can't say enough about how much it relaxes her and how great it feels afterwards. Second, I really feel like it's time to throw out all the shots. I'd love for this to work so we don't have to go onto IVF so I'm willing to do whatever is necessary for that to happen. So I have my first appointment tomorrow morning...wish me luck!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A decision

So, cycle #3 is also a failure. I wasn't expecting a lot out of this cycle- nothing seemed right the whole time, so it didn't come as a surprise but still a disappointment. We have made a decision. We will try one more IUI with a couple of changes and if that still doesn't work we will start IVF in January.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My little "Fluke"

Today, my RE called my son a fluke, a wonderful fluke, but still a fluke. Since we started this process with my OB/GYN back in January, everything has been based on the idea that since I got pregant with Jr with relatively little intervention, it shouldn't take much more for me to get we got a different story. Today, we were told, that my doctor has no idea how I got pregnant with my son and it was time to move to IVF.

W and I were a little taken aback. I know that most people don't do more than 3 or 4 IUIs and we have now done 3 but I just still didn't think we were there. My RE was SO positive that this would work for us that he even told us that they checked insurance coverage for IVF but it didn't really matter becuase we probably wouldn't need it. I expected a protocol change for IUIs not a move to IVF. If this cycle doesn't work, he said we could start IVF as soon as next week?? Really?? That is just too much. The first thing W and I said to each other when we got back in the car is that we can't start this next week. We have too much to think about and it's the week before Christmas. Life is too crazy to add this decision in right now. The option we were given is to add injectibles into our protocol for one more shot at an IUI. He won't do straight injectibles for this cycle because he is afraid I'll end up with too many mature follicles. We have gone back and forth all day about whether we will try a 4th IUI or take a month off and start IVF in January.

Lots to think about...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The best laid plans

So much for waiting to ovulate until day 19...Last spring when I was on only Clomid, I always did a day 5 start. I never once ovulated before day 17, was usually 18, and most recently day 19. However, when you need to ovulate late to enjoy your Thanksgiving plans...then my body decides to ovulate early. So we cut our trip short, headed home and had to use the weekend insemination clinics. I'm not feeling positive about this cycle since I just feel like nothing is working out. I guess we'll see...