Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have a heartbeat!!

Today's ultrasound went well. Heartbeat was measuring at 118 bpm and everything looked good.
The baby is measuring at 6w 3 days which I of course freaked out about since last week the measurement was 5 w 5 days but the ultrasound tech assured me that it was fine and 1) I was still ahead of where they say I should be 6 w 2 d and 2) last week they measured the sac and this week the baby so the measurements were based on two different things.
They took my progesterone again since I had dipped a little low last week but since I didn't go in until noon they won't have those results until tomorrow.
So I go in for one more ultrasound and my exit appt. next Wednesday. They told me to go ahead and make an appointment with my OB for the week after that. Since my OB does ultrasounds on the first visit that means I will get to see this little baby the next two weeks to make sure everything is still going ok.
Can't believe we have made it this far...