Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Can she make us look worse??

I was scanning the headlines today when I saw one that said, "Nadya Suleman Still has 29 Frozen Embryos"
WHATTT??? I thought the whole reason she put so many in was becuase she was using up all her frozen embryos. Nope, not the case. She apparently didn't plan on some of these details coming out but that is what is happening since her doctor is having to go in front of the medical board. I guess she has never used her frozen embryos and does a fresh cycle each time.
Now I am not going to go into a moral argument here. While I personally believe in using up our embryos before doing another cycle, it is her decision BUT the more she is in the news, the more people think we are ALL like her.
In all my reading of fertility blogs, I'm not sure I have ever read of anyone having over 20 frozen embryos...most of us who are lucky enough to have frozen embryos probably have less than 5. And we don't have 14 children. Unfprtuantely though, Nadya Suleman is the current face of IVF and it is making us all look very very bad.

Sorry I just needed to vent...
Oh and don't even get me started on the transfer of 12 embryos...

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