Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Do you hear pomp and circumstance playing in the background??

So today was my last RE appointment. I was supposed to have my ultrasound and bloodwork this morning but Monday night I ended up having some bleeding. It wasn't much but was on my underwear and was definitely red. Becuase of the spotting they had me come in Tuesday morning for the ultrasound and get my progesterone checked again (last week it was only 10.5). The good news is the ultrasound went great. I was still measuring right on track and the hb had gone up to 145 bpm. My progesterone was the highest it's been at 16.5! The bad news is that they have no cause for the bleeding so they said just to take it easy and call if it happened again.

So this morning's appointment just consisted of hugs and congratulations. They made me promise to send pictures and bring the baby in to meet everyone. I got my medicine weaning instructions and was told that as long as I don't have any more bleeding I can lift all restrictions (lifting, sex, etc.) at 9 weeks.

I think the appointment was really good for me. I've had such a hard time accepting that this could actually happen that having my doctor, nurses, and even the receptionist congratulating me and sending me off was really a confidence booster for me. I'm hoping this is the confidence I need to tell a few more people. Thus far, have told a few close friends who have been through this with me step by step but we haven't told our parents or siblings.

So this is a huge step...crazy to think that I am just a few days away from being 8 weeks pregnant! Next first ob appointment is a week from Thursday.

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  1. Sorry about the scary bleeding but YAY! for moving on :)
    This is really happening-believe it!