Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sorry i need to vent...

ok, I have ready several blogs over the past few years about how hard it is to read about pregnancies on facebook. For me, it depends on the person but in general I don't mind them too much. Afterall, I plaster my facebook page with my pictures and stories of Jr. I post about what is important to me and I think they should definitely post about their pregnancy. My view on this is changing with two of my facebook friends. They do nothing by COMPLAIN about their pregnancies. These are mutual friends so they feed on each other and just go on and on and on about how horrible it is. I as well as other people have tried to throw in positive things about being pregnant and we are basically told to "shut up." They have used words to describe their pregnancies as "tragic, huge sacrifice, miserable, etc." Both of these women planned their pregnancies and have older children so they can't say they didn't want to be pregnant or that they didn't know what they were getting into. I know pregnancy isn't easy...I was sick for 18 weeks and then ended up severly pre-eclampsic but I was never so happy to feel like crap. Why can't people appreciate their blessings and understand how lucky they are??

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  1. I agree, totally! It breaks my heart to hear people complain about their pregnancies or how "easy" it is to become pregnant. If they only knew! Hang in there!