Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just when you think you've done everything...

Hi everyone!!
Sorry it has been a week again since my last post. We are just having WAY too much fun this summer for me to spend time on the computer. When I do have time, I am trying to read your blogs instead of writing mine. I know I haven't made too many comments lately but I promise you I have been reading. I have a week of taking it easy next week after my transfer so I'm sure you will get sick or me then!!


This story may have a little TMI...but I'm sure you will get a laugh...

Last Friday, I had to go in for another ultrasound and bloodwork. It turns out my Estrogen was borderline low. My lining was 5.4 and they wanted it between 6 and 10 and my estrogen was 94 and they wanted it at least 100. The nurse said she and the doctor weren't too worried but just to be safe they wanted me to go on another form of estrogen. She said she was going to put me on Estrace. I told her I had done that before and then when she mentioned I was doing it vaginally I didn't think we needed to go into details that I had done it orally before. She told me to insert one in the morning and one in the evening. She called it in to the pharmacy and W picked it up. When W got it home and I looked at it...it was just a bottle of pills and instructions to insert one tablet vaginally twice a day....so of course my thought...


This is when my I know everything about infertility and infertility meds attitude get a little reality check. After all, I have been taking meds "vaginally" for years...I couldn't imagine that this one would have been any different!! Since I really didn't want to call the pharmacist and ask the above question I decided to ask Dr. Google. I went through all the key words I could think of....estrogen, vaginal, tablet, estrace, etc. Everything that came involved rings or applicators...there were no instructions on putting a tablet of your hoo ha.

When Dr. Google didn't help, I called a good friend of mine who is a pharmacist. She happens to work for the same chain that I picked this up from so I figured she could help...but did she answer the phone...of course not!!

I was left with no choice but to call the pharmacist. As soon as I said my name, the tech started laughing and said they weren't surprised that I called. "What?? You knew I might have questions and you didn't try to explain anything to W when he picked it up??" So they explain that when the Nurse called and said what strength they wanted, they didn't have it in a vaginal form so the nurse wanted me to take the oral estrace vaginally. The pharmacist then basically told me that they did their part by filling the prescription but since it was an oral tablet they didn't have an applicator or anything for me...lovely :)

So that night, my husband and I brainstormed...I'm sure someone would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for this conversation. After several suggestions we decided I should try the applicator from my endometrin (progesterone). It was a great idea but since the Estrace pull is so little (less than 1/4 " diameter) the tablet wouldn't come out of the applicator. So I used my finger and did my best to get it as high as I could.

The next morning, my pharmacist friend called me back and told me that there were applicators the pharmacist should have given me...great...but she suggested using a monistat applicator. So I picked up a Monistat 7 and tried that. It worked great the first time, but the second time, it got stuck. So after trial and error, I finally have a system that works...

1) Put tablet in Monistat Applicator
2) Insert Applicator while standing
3) Lay down with legs in the air and push in applicator plunger
4) Remove plunger

Oh and did I mention that the pill is greenish/blue so you end up with green discharge...yup...lovely.

I think I can add this as another reason I would love to just get drunk one night...have sex...and wake up pregnant :)

I go back tomorrow to see if it is working!!

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