Friday, July 9, 2010

Cycle Cancelled :(

Well I had my ultrasound on Friday and got bad news. My fallopian tube is still "communicating" (not blocked) with my uterus. Since the fluid from the tube significantly reduces my chances of getting pregnant and if I were to get pregnant (even in IVF) my chances of a miscarriage significanly cycle was cancelled. Four weeks of Lupron induced tantrums for nothing...

My surgery is scheduled for Friday, July 23. Assuming everything goes well and the timeing of my period, our transfer got pushed back to September or October. The good news is that this is going to get taken care of and when we do get back on track we should have a better chance of this working!!

I have my pre-op appointment on Thursday and will know more about the surgery then and will post all about it :)

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  1. I'm so sorry sweetie, what a devasting thing to happeng. I guess the good thing is you know you've got a really good chance of a succesful pregnancy once this is sorted. I'm here for you even if I don't comment on every post. Take care :)