Monday, November 1, 2010

The 3 week wait

Yup..the dreaded 3ww...until my next appointment. I had my first OB appointment on Thursday. Everything went great and we saw the baby and the heartbeat again. Our doctor has a little US machine in the exam room that he uses for each appointment during the first trimester and only charges you for the big nice ultrasond if there is a problem. The downside of this is the machine isn't great so it is hard to see a good picture but I've found that I'm so used to ultrasounds now that I can see them much better than I could when I was pregnant with Jr. The rest of the appointment was pretty uneventful...since this is my second pregnancy with them they already have all the family information, know I don't have any crazy bad habits, etc. So we just updated information, took blood and got my initial weight.
But the bad news is now that I am officially an OB patient means I am on a normal schedule...appointment every 4 weeks instead of every week :(. The good news for me was that 4 weeks from my appointment was Thanksgiving so I was able to move it up to the Monday of that week so I only have to wait 3 and a half weeks for that appointment.
There was a little "incident" on the way home but I'll save that for its own post!

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