Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We are in a holding pattern.

Last week we met with Dr. RE to discuss how the discovery of endometriosis might change any upcoming cycles. Dr. OB mentioned that Dr. RE might want to treat the endo with Lupron for 6 months before proceeding with anything. When we met with Dr. RE he was very optimistic. He explained how the discovery of the endo and where it was gives a very probable explanation as to why the natural cycles and IUIs didn't work. But as of now since we have already moved to IVF, he felt we didn't need to treat it for now. His exact words were "Pregnancy is the best thing you can do for endo so let's get you pregnant!"

He said we can start again as soon as we are ready. So now we are just anxiously awaiting my period so that we can get going again. If it comes within the next week we will still have time to do a September transfer but if it comes after that we will have to wait for October. Either is fine with us, but I am anxious to get going again...

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