Tuesday, August 3, 2010

one year ago today....(second post of day)

One year ago today, we went in for our first consult with Dr. RE.
The initial meeting went well. He thought we were a pretty easy case and told us as much. Afterall, I was 29, had gotten pregnant with little intervention before, responded to Clomid well, and didn't have any obvious problems...he seemed extremely confidant that I would be pregnant in less than three months...

So for fun, I went through our insurance records to see what we did in this past year. (The scary party is as high as these numbers are...I even took a 3 month break.)

36 Blood draws (most of these took 2-3 sticks to find the vein)
17 regular vaginal ultrasounds
2 saline ultrasounds
7 IUIs (over 4 cycles)
2 doses of methotrexate
1 IVF retrieval
1 IVF transfer
1 lap surgery
5 Dr. Consults (not counting times we were in the office for other reasons)
1 ectopic pregnancy

I wonder what the next year will hold...

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