Thursday, August 5, 2010

a confession

I have a confession to make...I watch Teen Mom.
I'm not sure which show bugs me more...Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant...but since I set the DVR to only record new episodes it is Teen Mom that I am currently watching.

There is a part of me that wants to rant and rave about how unfair it is that these girls were able to get pregnant so easily but really, I'm not jealous, I pity them. If I could trade getting pregnant easily for their lives there is NO way I would make that trade. Sometimes I need to remind myself about the good things in life instead of focusing on this one hardship of infertility. So instead of listing all the negative things I think about while watching this show, instead I am going to list 10 reasons (in no particular order) why I love my life and don't want to trade!!

1) I have a fabulous husband who is supportive or me and loves me unconditionally.

2) I have a beautiful little boy who loves to give me kisses, hugs and cuddles.

3) I was able to make education a priority and now have a bachelors and masters degree.

4) I am one of the lucky ones to be financially stable enough to stay home with my son

5) I have loving and supportive parents who have always been there for me

6) I have a roof over my head and know where I will be sleeping every night

7) My husband and I are financially independent and debt free (except for our mortgage)

8) I was able to enjoy my childhood and early adulthood. I used this time to learn who I am and want I want out of life.

9) I have fabulous friends who are always there for me and many of them have been there for 15-20 years already.

10) I am healthy and my family is healthy. Yes, I have this whole infertility thing but it is not endangering my life. Overall, I am a healthy person.

As a disclaimer, I am not telling any of you that you shouldn't complain about the show or your own infertility problems...this list was for me...a reminder for me of what I should be thankful for!!


  1. love the confession. i must confess as well. i've been watching strange pregnancies, but i've seen the teen ones before too. :)

    and you're right. i wouldn't trade places with those teens for anything. i am happy with the path i've taken: i'm educated, i've traveled, i'm healthy, loved, etc. only one adjustment needed to my path: i just wish a lil one would come along soon.

  2. I'm new to your blog...

    I also am experiencing secondary IF.

    You have a great list! It's important to take time to acknowledge the "positives" sometimes! :)

  3. I watch it, too. At first, it was to see the cute babies. Now, its to..stare at the trainwrecks..!? I agree with you and feel sorry for them, and for the kids.