Friday, January 29, 2010


I never realized until today how much I love routine at my RE's office. The doctor I see is part of a large practice and there are 8 or 10 sites. The office I go to is one of the smaller ones so there is only one ultrasound tech and two nurses. Because of that, I know exactly what to expect when I go in...until today. This morning I went in for my ultrasound just to make sure everything was quiet and found out my US tech was on vacation. I'm sure the sub was perfectly competent but she was different. I'm used to carrying on a conversation when I'm getting undressed behind the curtain and this lady left the room. Then when I was all set to get into position the angle of the bed was different and I didn't fit right on it. Finally, when she was doing the ultrasound itself, my usual tech always tells me exactly what she is looking at and shows me. This lady just said, "looks great" and never showed me anything. I realize there wasn't much to see today but it did make me realize how much I appreciate that normally I don't have to worry about change and everything is the makes everything easier. I did sneak a peak at the calendar hanging on the wall and was happy to see that today was the last day of my usual tech's vacation and she will be back for Tuesday's ultrasound...yippee!!!

This afternoon after they got my labs back I got the greenlight to drop my lupron down to 5 units tomorrow and start my bravelle and menopur. I have a girls night out tomorrow night so I hope the mixing and injection go well so I can enjoy my night out. I have a feeling it will be my last one for awhile.

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