Friday, January 15, 2010

New diet :(

Tonight I went back to the chiropractor. I hadn't been back since the night before my last IUI. He said if I wasn't pregnant he wanted to see me before I started any meds for the IVF. I wasn't able to make it in before I started the birth control but I figured a couple of days later wouldn't be a big deal.

Since I am techinically in my "rest" period right now, accupuncture in my "fertile" spots won't do any good. So he did my anxiety points and then some digestion points to help cleanse my body. He also wants my husband and I to modify our diet. Parts of it are staying away from white things and sticking to brown (pasta, rice, etc,). I am not looking foward to the part of the diet that cuts out dairy. I am a big milk drinker so that will be really hard. But I am willing to give anything a try, if it helps. Has anyone done a similar diet in preparation of IVF?

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