Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lupron and a Saline Ultrasound

It has been a busy couple of days on the infertility front. Tuesday, our big box of drugs showed up at our house and we were missing the Lupron that I was supposed to start on Wednesday. Luckily, the pharmacy has been great and we had the Lupron at ourhouse by 8:45 the next morning. I have done two shots now so far so good. The injection shot was a little itchy each time for about an hour after the shot but if that's the only problem, I can handle that. Also on Wednesday I started my antibiotic for my saline ultrasound that was this morning. I'm still not sure how I have made it through 4 years of infertility without having to do one but it was of course required for the IVF.
I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I'm a little weary of any procedure after I had such a bad reaction to my first HSG. My doctor is out this week so I had to go to a different clinic and see a different doctor. The doctor I saw was young, and my first thought was that I was glad she wasn't the one making decisions about my life. I then immediately felt awful for that. When I was teaching, especially my first few years, I hated when parents prejudged me for being young. I was putting in 12 hour days and I was just out of college with the latest ideas and research. I'm definitely not saying I was better than a seasoned teacher but I don't think I brought a new perspective to the table. Ok, done with that soapbox. The young, doctor did an awesome job with everything. I hardly felt anything and had very minimal cramping during the ultrasound. I did have some cramping afterwards but I was lucky enough to squuze in a nap this afternoon and felt fine afterwards. The great news is that everything looked great and we have passed the final hurdle.

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