Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time for the needles

When you saw this title you probably thought I was talking about giving myself shots...but no, I have decided to give accupuncture a try. Despite all the things I have heard about how accupuncture can help fertility, it hasn't been something I have been willing to do until now. So why now?? Well a couple of reasons. First, my anxiety is completely out of control. I feel like some days I'm having trouble functioning. I can't be in large groups without getting panicky. I really realized that this was a problem when I realized how much it was affecting my son. My anxiety is causing him to act out and throw even more two-year-tantrums than normal. I have a friend who is using accupuncture for anxiety while she is trying to conceive and she can't say enough about how much it relaxes her and how great it feels afterwards. Second, I really feel like it's time to throw out all the shots. I'd love for this to work so we don't have to go onto IVF so I'm willing to do whatever is necessary for that to happen. So I have my first appointment tomorrow morning...wish me luck!!

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