Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My little "Fluke"

Today, my RE called my son a fluke, a wonderful fluke, but still a fluke. Since we started this process with my OB/GYN back in January, everything has been based on the idea that since I got pregant with Jr with relatively little intervention, it shouldn't take much more for me to get we got a different story. Today, we were told, that my doctor has no idea how I got pregnant with my son and it was time to move to IVF.

W and I were a little taken aback. I know that most people don't do more than 3 or 4 IUIs and we have now done 3 but I just still didn't think we were there. My RE was SO positive that this would work for us that he even told us that they checked insurance coverage for IVF but it didn't really matter becuase we probably wouldn't need it. I expected a protocol change for IUIs not a move to IVF. If this cycle doesn't work, he said we could start IVF as soon as next week?? Really?? That is just too much. The first thing W and I said to each other when we got back in the car is that we can't start this next week. We have too much to think about and it's the week before Christmas. Life is too crazy to add this decision in right now. The option we were given is to add injectibles into our protocol for one more shot at an IUI. He won't do straight injectibles for this cycle because he is afraid I'll end up with too many mature follicles. We have gone back and forth all day about whether we will try a 4th IUI or take a month off and start IVF in January.

Lots to think about...

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