Monday, February 14, 2011

Are you a mommy??

3 posts in less than a week...this is unheard of!!

Jr. is currently at a stage where he is trying to figure out "types" of people. He puts everyone into 3 categories...babies, big boy/girl, and mommies/daddies. Yesterday, we had a business associate drop some paperwork off at our house. I do not know this woman on a personal level and the only things I know about her personal life I learned from spying on facebook. She is probably in her mid-forties, married, no kids but a few dogs. Anyway, when she dropped this paperwork off, she was talking to Jr. since she hadn't seen him in a couple of years. He started asking her if she was a mommy. I went into panic infertile mode. Like I said, I don't know anything about this woman except that she doesn't have kids. My gut would tell me that that is a life choice but I really have no idea...she could have struggled with fertility and now is childless. And of course here I am..5 months pregnant and my 3 year old is asking if she is a mommy. He didn't really mean do you have kids...he just meant you aren't a baby and you seem older than a big you must be a mommy.

She never answered the question...she may have not known how to answer or she very well may not have even understood what he was saying (he isn't always clear and I didn't clarify). Maybe I am looking too much into this...but either way it set off my IF radar and taught me I need to add in a few more categories!!

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