Saturday, February 12, 2011

24 weeks

How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain: 8 pounds - Now that I am feeling better I am having no problems getting my calories in each day!!
Maternity clothes: I wear a few regular t-shirts under things and some of my regular sweats but besides that everything is maternity.
Sleep: I use my new body pillow about half the night for my back and get up 1 or 2 nights for potty breaks but overall it is pretty good.
Best moment this week: This one was actually about 2 weeks ago, but I can now see movement from the outside...I love to just lay on the bed and watch the show!
Food cravings: I wouldn't necessarily say "cravings" but as of a few weeks ago, the nausea disappeared and i LOVE eating again. My favorites are cream..cookies...etc. I also can't get enough fresh fruit!
Gender: A little boy!!
Labor Signs: No real labor (still WAY too early for that) but I do have the occasional "tightening" and it is usually a reminder that I need to drink more
Belly button: no change
What I miss: not really anything
What I am looking forward to: now that I can see movement and W can feel movement, I think the next time this little guy really gets going, I'm going to try to get JR. to feel it
Milestones: VIABILITY!!!