Thursday, July 30, 2009

So much for being a good blogger

So, its been a couple of months since I started/updated this blog. I think I go through cycles of whether or not I should have a blog, whether or not anyone cares about my trials/tribulations, etc.Since I last updated, I have completed my fifth, yes fifth cycle of clomid. If I hadn't gotten pregnant on Clomid two years ago and if my progesterone scores didn't continue to be fabulous I wouldn't have done that many but my doctor and I were optismistic it would work. On July 1st, we also did another HSG. For those of you who have had an HSG, you may be wondering why you would ever choose to have another one. But, since I got pregnany the month I had my last HSG I wanted to at least give it a shot. I was just smart enough to ask for a prescription for Vicatin this time around.So, yesterday I made a big step and made a call. I have my first RE appointment on Monday. I couldn't believe they could get me in so quickly. I felt bad calling my current doctor and telling them i needed a copy of my records immediately so I had them for Monday's appointment.So hopefully I will update after that appointment and it won't be another two months before an update.

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