Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why blog??

So my first post... Before I get into the details of "my issues" I thought I would address why I am here on blogger. As soon as I saw a little heartbeat on the ultrasound screen two years ago, I kissed infertility good-bye....I was going to be a mom!! But here I am back again...approaching the one year anniversary of baby number 2 and having a really hard time remembering specifics about last time. Luckily for fertility friend I still have all my charts, etc. to show the physical aspect of the journey, but what about the emotional journey? I am so sad that I can't remember the specifics about my thoughts and feelings from last time. I know I was sad, angry, jealous, etc. but I don't remember specifics - this time I want to remember...becuase it has made me who I am today.I really want this blog to be an honest account of what I am going through which is why I choose to keep it anonymous. With the exception of my husband, I am not honest with anyone about my feelings. Instead I give them the answer they want to hear, "yes, I am fine" "yes, I am soooo excited that you told me you were pregnant (when you weren't even trying)."So this is my story...

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