Saturday, June 5, 2010

2 year anniversary

Two years ago today was cycle day 1 of our first cycle trying to conceive our second child. We started this process unbelievably hopefull. Afterall, we had figured it out. Yes, we needed intervention the first time around, but we felt like we now knew what worked and this was going to be a relatively easy process.

Since then...

Countless "timed" cycles
5 Clomid "natural cycles
3 Clomid IUI cycles
1 Clomid/injectible IUI cycle
1 fresh IVF
1 ectopic pregnancy

and WAY too many ultrasounds, blood draws and injections!!

However, through it all, I am still optimistic. Maybe not as much as I was two years ago...and maybe more than I was a year ago...but it is there...


  1. We are almost up to 2 years too. Our score is pretty similar, which is why I love your blog so much. Fingers crossed for both of us in July!! Thinking of you and thanks for your recent comment :)

  2. It's great that you still have optimism. ART did not work for me. I had an ectopic pregnancy as well. But we never did figure out if I can become and stay pregnant. Wishing you the best